Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What hides behind Apple marketing campaign?

from Mobile Geek Inc, What hides behind Apple marketing campaign?

some abstracts,

"...People love everything what is easy and intuitive. This is the reason, why Apple went so high and succeeded so much presenting iPhone to world. It is obligatory to admit – iPhone brought a lot of new inventions and ideas to mobile phones business. It was great step forward in technology and future of portable devices. And it still is...

...With the statement and game presentation Apple killed many well-known brands. Brands, which were with us, we could say, forever: Nintendo and Sony PSP. But it’s not everything...

...It is all good, people would say, Apple products are good devices, which fit the customers’ lifestyle. But it is not true.

Their device don’t FIT customers’ lifestyle. They CREATE it. They FORCE it. They make customers DEPENDABLE on them. They make people Apple products slaves.

Apple is filling every, even the tiniest, niche in the market and replacing already existing products, services, the same killing other brands. That is what the risk is, competition is competition.

But not here. Apple, with their “amazing, magical and remarkable” products addicts people to their devices and CREATES their lifestyle.

Soon there will be no place for individuality in the world: everybody will be using iPhone to call and text, iPod to listen to music and play games, iMac to work and AppleTV to watch television.

Is this how you want your world to look like?

Wake up and look into the future...

and you thought i was the only one who doesn't like Apple.

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