Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Reborn #203


went slightly overboard with the sceencaps.

Flan is cute as always.
reborn 203-03

the Arcobaleno is back.
reborn 203-

now for the good-byes.

Takeshi and Squalo.
reborn 203-06

just told ah gu how hot Squalo is.
reborn 203-

reborn 203-08

the girls with Bianchi and Fuuta.
reborn 203-09

never really focused on Fuuta before. he's actually quite good looking.
reborn 203-10

confrontation between M.M. and Chrome.
reborn 203-14
more of M.M. trying to stake her turf.

which equates to Mukuro.
reborn 203-15

reborn 203-16

there's a quiet understanding between him and Chrome.
reborn 203-17

and Chrome is quite happy about it.
reborn 203-1

Hibari and Kusakabe.
reborn 203-

reborn 203-22

Bianchi is telling Hayato about the family.
reborn 203-23

before they're interrupted by a Moska.
reborn 203-24

Hayato's expression is so funny!
reborn 203-25

Hayato is not happy. obviously.
reborn 203-26

Spanner is indifferent. as usual.
reborn 203-27

the Vongola box animals farewell.
reborn 203-30

Natsu doesn't want to be separated from Tsuna.
reborn 203-28
how cute is that!!

Ryohei's farewell is as drama as ever.
reborn 203-31

reborn 203-32

reborn 203-33

farewell the future~
reborn 203-34

and Tsuna and kids landed right in the living room.
reborn 203-35

what better way to come back to the present.
reborn 203-36
getting a smile from Mama.

reborn 203-3

and the future self's are back too.
reborn 203-38

reborn 203-39

no prizes for guessing whose legs these belong to.
reborn 203-40

they seriously should show us the face of TYL-Tsuna.
reborn 203-41
and yes, i AM going to gripe about it everytime.

Byakuran is seen at a beach.
reborn 203-42
was this scene even in the manga?

surprise gift from the Arcobaleno. ring Natsu!
reborn 203-43
obviously, everyone had them too.

back in school,
reborn 203-44

Hibari is his usual self.
reborn 203-

and so are the bickering boys.
reborn 203-46

Tsuna is happy that everything is back to normal.
reborn 203-47

cliché, but this is almost like a "We will be back" scene.
reborn 203-48

and if rumors are true, Reborn might be back next Spring. still waiting for a credible source for this though.

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