Saturday, 18 September 2010

Reborn #202

*important news at the end*

the end of the battle with Byakuran.

TYL Tsuna Primo's final gift to Tsuna.
reborn 202-01

reborn 202-02

Vongola rings final form.
reborn 202-03

still think this is no excuse for Amano-sensei to not show us TYL-Tsuna.
reborn 202-04

reborn 202-05
how i wish i could have a baby lion as a pet.

Yuni unleashing her flames in her final moments to revive the Arcobaleno.
reborn 202-06

Gamma decides to accompany her.
reborn 202-07

seriously?! they just *poofed* out into thin air!
reborn 202-08

Tsuna is NOT happy.
reborn 202-09

the last showdown.
reborn 202-10

and Tsuna totally annihilates Byakuran.
reborn 202-11

reborn 202-12

he doesn't look too happy about it though.
reborn 202-13

and we're at the end of the Future Arc. can you imagine we've been in the Future Arc for more than 100 episodes?

it'll probably take another few more episodes to wrap things up, but i foresee some fillers before we eventually enters the Inheritance Ceremony Arc.

i'm missing my TYL guardians already. >_<.``

horror of horrors!!

the next episode is the FINALE!!

i mean, i'm kinda glad that they're not going into fillers, but to actually finish up next week was unexpected.

i DO hope they continue the anime with the Inheritance Ceremony Arc after Amano-sensei finishes with the manga.

oh gosh.

i can't believe it's not just the TYL guardians. i wouldn't even get to see my usual Hayato and Mukuro anymore!

well this is becoming depressing.

the upcoming Fall season had better be good.


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