Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Post AFA09

thoughts on AFA09...

things did get bigger and better this year.

more booths, more toys and definitely, more people.

loved the nendroids display brought in by Mr Danny Choo.

they managed to bring in more singers for the evening concerts, with the return of Aniki Ichirou Mizuki and May'n, together with Shoko-tan and Fukuyama Yoshiki.

the VIP passes were still disgustingly expensive though. i was contented just to see them from the distance.

quite pleased with the turnout of cosplayers, with much much more variety compared to last year. at least it wasn't an onslaught of bleach and naruto.

spotted lots more reborn and code geass cosplayers which is definitely a plus point.

and finally! a small group of One Piece cosplayers too.

but i think my personal favorite is this one girl who came as Kendappa-ō from RG Veda! she is very very pretty.

i'll upload photos once i get the final loot from moo moo.

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