Wednesday, 25 November 2009

OP Locations Strong World

in the midst of the overwhelming crowd at AFA on sunday afternoon, moo moo and i decided to go down to kallang to collect our gashapons.

the first of all the Strong World collection.

too bad it's not the full crew.
OP locations - strong world 02

they should have replaced the variants (Nami and Robin with color difference in clothes) with the other crew members.

in any case, i didn't get the variants. moo moo did though.

slightly more closed-up and brighter photo.
OP locations - strong world 01
at least you can see sanji's eyes more clearly in this.

next up, the very very expensive Strong World collection.

so exciting!


tortleditz said...

Hey, where do you get these one piece figurines from?? They're quite awesome. But I can't find them anywhere in sg..

Roar Roar said...

i got them from LaTendo, based at Kallang Leisure Park. i would think they're sold out but you can still call to ask.

if not, i suggest you try Candytoyo or Ani-play. all links can be found on my sidebar.

btw, the 2nd set of Strong World Locations is now available at Latendo. you should go check it out before it's gone too.