Monday, 16 November 2009

Blackforest cake?

birdy's "elegant" blackforest cake.

just completed.
madam's black forest cake 01
you can pretty much guess why it's only half a cake. there's two layers of cake required in the blackforest.

it would be impossible to finish if it was really a full one. and poor makiyo (birdy's husband) would have to be the scapegoat if that happens.

moo moo's name on it, as blackforest is supposed to be her favorite.
madam's black forest cake 02
not sure if it's still her favorite now.

madam's black forest cake 03
as you can see (or rather not see), the middle part with the cherries and cream is almost squashed.

brighter and clearer photo (from meow meow)
blackforest cake 04
you basically can only see the squashed cherries.

you need more work birdy.

mada mada dane (copyright to Echizen Ryoma)

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