Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Strong World

the upcoming 10th One Piece Film: Strong World will be released on 12/12/2009.

i'm so excited that i have already pre-ordered a gashapon set of the Strawhat Pirates crew from latendo.

OP strong world set
it will be my most expensive gashapon set to date, but i know i will regret if i don't get it.

like the One Piece Mini Bighead set. >_<.``

there are many more merchandise to be released for the much anticipated 10th movie. i'm already drooling over another one that has the crew in non-SD form (couldn't find picture. sorry!). i hope latendo brings that in too.

in case u haven't heard and wonder what the big hype is over the up-coming movie. Odacchi is the main brains behind it.

yup. not the TV animators.

really really.

our own mangaka, Oda "Odacchi" Eiichiro.

so you can pretty much guess how high most fans' expectations are.

the only thing is, the DVD wouldn't be out until Oct 2010, which is when the rest of the world will get to enjoy the movie.

so unless you're so obsessed you're actually going to fly to Japan to catch the movie, please wait along with the rest of us.

but! the wait will be worth it.

or at least,

the merchandise will be. =P

check out the official website for trailers.

PS. went to latendo to collect my much awaited toy today. revealing soon. together with the shabondy island set. ^_^.``

PPS. guess what! gugu is gonna start buying One Piece merchandise soon. hahahaha. she super fast with the anime too, has already caught up to episode 380. ~welcome welcome~

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