Wednesday, 5 August 2009


latendo's pre-order list just came in with the One Piece Strong World Kuji set.

the one i said i was drooling over and couldn't find picture for in my last post?

here's the picture now.
OP strong world kuji

but OMG!

i nearly had a heart attack when i saw the price!

it's bloody expensive!!

and you can only pre-order if you wanna get the entire set of 29, which not only includes the entire crew, but also plushies, drinking glasses, clear files, keychains and bandanas.

i only want the Strawhat Pirates crew!!

they're gorgeous!!


i think i'll just wait for it to arrive in Nov and buy the loose items.

hopefully they might be selling the set of Strawhat Pirates crew only.

but OMG!!!

i still can't believe it's so expensive!!!

i'm definitely still hyperventilating.


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