Thursday, 27 August 2009

mei-chan no shitsuji

i'm conflicted.

who should Mei end up with?

usually with this kind of situation, i would always side with my favorite guy, be it in the j-drama (dorama) or manga.

but not this time round.

it was obvious that the dorama was going for the Rihito x Mei pairing, and i was more than happy with that since Rihito was played by Mizushima Hiro. and they did nothing but put the 2 of them together for the entire series.

the manga on the other hand, had some really stiff competition going around.

besides the current arc that had more than enough bishonens with Mei's grandpa rounding up all the prospective husband-to-be's, we see a 17-year-old Kento.

i was already rooting for Kento during the Lucia arc. but he is absolutely stunning in the current arc.

and delicious-looking. (ohohohohohoho.)

i'm practically swooning all over the place.

a picture speaks a thousand words. so let the pictures speak for themselves.

dorama full cast
live-action cast
not as much bishonens as hanakimi, but the ladies made up for it.

the 3 main leads.
live-action mains
Shinonome Mei (Eikura Nana), Shibata Rihito (Mizushima Hiro) and Shibata Kento (Sato Takeru).

dorama Rihito
live-action rihito 1

manga rihito 1
manga Rihito looking prim and proper.

manga rihito 2
manga Rihito with a more sinister look.

dorama Kento
live-action kento 1
THIS (or should i say he) is why dorama Kento falls short. he is almost always in emo mode.

manga Kento at start of series, 13-year-old
manga kento 1
very refreshing look.

manga Kento @ 17-year-old
manga kento 2
look at him! he's so dreamy.

manga kento 4
and he looks even better after his haircut. *drools*

Kento in his butler uniform
manga kento 3
by then, he has earned the "A" rank in the butler ranking.

manga 01
the face-off.

who is gonna win Mei's heart?

i'm still gonna root for Kento.



anonymous said...

i love this series! mizushima hiro is the hottest! *dies*

Nyappy In Lithuania said...

I want Rihito win ^^