Friday, 6 March 2009

One Piece Gashapons

part 1 of my gashapon collection.

the One Piece collection.

1) One Piece Styling (Feeling) Part 1

if my memory do not fail me, this is the 1st gashapon set i've ever bought, way back in 2005.

2) One Piece Grand Fight Part 5

covering the skypiea arc of the manga. the base when arranged together is a map of Jaya and Skypiea, which i thought was pretty cool.

3) One Piece Collection Part 4

this should have the Galley guys too, since it is supposed to cover the Water 7 arc. i regretted my decision to not buy them together with the set. haiz.

4) One Piece Locations Wii Unlimited Adventure

one of the best birthday present i received in 2007, from big dan. sanji looks way too good inside.

5) One Piece Diorama World Part 4

i loved this scene. i had this same art piece as my laptop wallpaper for quite a while too.

from another angle.

6) One Piece Thriller Bark Night

the 1st of my loot back from my taipei trip last year. covers the thriller bark arc. i like nami and luffy's costumes. heehee.

7) One Piece Pirate Ship Thousand Sunny DX

but my pride of all is definitely still this!

the THOUSAND SUNNY-GO pirate ship!!

the moment i saw it on the display, i knew i had to get it. even if i had to lug it back from taipei. comes in 5 different parts, with various rooms like the kitchen, usopp's workshop, aquarium etc.

but to fit it all together to form the ship, the inner parts had to be taken out, so i couldn't take any photos of that.

close up on the ship with some of the guys.

this is the cutest! they had all the vehicles that franky modelled or remodelled too.

8) One Piece Mini Capsule

the last of my loot from taipei. they really do come with the capsules, together with a small coin inside. and each coin have their own separate sticker, so it was a lot of work putting everything together, even more so than sunny-go.

9) One Piece Locations Wii Unlimited Cruise Part 2

my latest set, which i love to bits, and also cos i had to endure the hot weather to collect. but it was definitely worth getting.

10) One Piece Gekijyou (Theater) Iron na Time


11) One Piece Diorama World Part 2

got this when i went to taiwan in 2006. i think it was one of the night markets.

another angle where nami and usopp is clearer in view.

12) One Piece Collection Part 5

OP collection P5 01

taken from a scene in one of the OPs, Bon Voyage.

13) One Piece Styling (Feeling) Part 2 (sanji only)

i didn't like the other figurines in this series so i only bought Sanji. as usual, he's looking as suave as ever.


random figurines that aren't gashapons...

One Piece Portrait of Pirates CB-1 Child Sanji 1/8 Figure

moo moo was doing her part as a 尽责的损友. she sent me latendo's pre-order list and tempted me to set down a $10 deposit for my very 1st POP.

he's so CUTE!!!!

One Piece Portrait of Pirates CB-2 Child Nami 1/8 Figure

my companion piece to chibi-Sanji. i bought this from AFA last year. at less than half the price at which i bought chibi-Sanji.

random Sanji figurine

a birthday present from one of my uni friend when i was still studying. a true blue japanese girl who love One Piece as much as i do. very sad when i lost contact with her.

Sayo, i miss you!

and that's about all for my OP collection.

next up, the other random collections. (ie. Gundam Seed, PoT, some Geass etc)

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christian said...

wow!!! your collection kick ass! One Piece FTW~!!! :D