Tuesday, 24 March 2009

gundam & special powers

i should probably leave this to the finale episode, but what the heck! it's not gonna make much difference.

i just finished G00 #24 and all that's going through my mind was,

"hey, didn't they already use this in GS and GSD?"

*dramatic BGM starts*

enters Kira Setsuna, who finally evolves to become a Ultimate Coordinator pure Innovator, and activates SEED MODE Trans-Am Burst in 00 Raiser.

the tide turns, and everyone starts hearing everyone else in their heads.

*dramatic BGM ends*

cliché, cliché, cliché.

whatever happened to normal people just piloting great Gundam suits?

the next gundam series should just stick to Gundams, war, and even better Gundams.

people DO want to see more of the Gundams than a human attaining nirvana and miraculously solving all problems through said special powers.


i miss Gundam Wing.

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