Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Olympics 2008

while i may not keep up with the world of sports most of the time, Olympics is the only time you'll see me glued to the TV screen watching events you'll never expect me to watch.

my all time favorites, Women's Volleyball and Track events.

mainly due to influence from my secondary school days when i spent that one week trying out volleyball when i was in sec1, i am all for women's volleyball.
(just don't expect me to watch the men's event cos i juz think it's weird to see men playing volleyball.)

i'm hoping for Brazil to win their gold medal after a very very long draught at previous Olympics. they're off to a pretty good start at the prelims, winning their 3rd straight game (as of today) and being placed 1st in Pool B.

as for track, though i like the short events like the 100m and 200m, the long events (1500m, 10,000m) are the ones i usually love to watch. basically cos i'm such a bad long-distance runner that i prefer to juz watch them on screen. ahaha.

then there's the gymnastics and diving competitions that you'll watch to wonder how there's actually people out there that can do those difficult twists and turns when you can barely even touch your own toes with your legs out straight.

but this year, i'm especially excited to watch the swimming finals. as is every other Olympic spectator out there.

one reason.

Michael Phelps.

you really can't ignore this guy even if you want to. if you thought Ian Thorpe was great, Phelps is fantastic!

11 Olympic gold medals under him. (as of now)

add that to the multiple world records he's broken in just these 6 days alone.

but you really don't need me raving about him. cos everyone else is doing it. (i shall do mine in the comforts of my own home)

so will he get his 8 gold medals to overthrow Mark Spitz's 7 gold medals win in one Olympic meet?

we'll find out on Sunday.


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