Sunday, 31 August 2008

new furnitures

my new bookcase and table is coming from IKEA this coming sat...

you have no idea how long i've been waiting for the right time to get them.

as it was, i was flipping through the latest IKEA 2009 catalogue after i came back from taipei a few weeks ago and thought,

"wow, i think i really need another bookcase for my manga."

especially after i lugged 27 books of manga and 5 SaiMon novels back. i bought so much manga, that i actually got the VIP card from the 1st bookstore i went into where i bought 24 of the 27 books.


a VIP card...

for a bookstore in taipei...

i couldn't stop laughing at it myself...

so if anyone going to taipei is interested in getting any books from 垫脚书局, please do not hesitate to get the VIP card from me. haha.

anyway, back to my IKEA bookcase.

so i showed mom some of the cheap bookcases available. seems she was already planning on going down IKEA as she was looking at a new cupboard (for sis) and a new table to replace my current one.

i swear, my table has been with me for so long, i wouldn't be surprised if it was already rotting away inside. plus, juz imagine how dirty it is after so many years. not that i never clean it, but cos it's been so long, the dust is already embedded into the table top.

anyway, the plan was for her to go IKEA with dad, get the bookcase, table and cupboard. den claim whatever it is she needs to from me.

the new furnitures are coming in on saturday.

i can't wait! ^_^.``

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