Monday, 7 July 2008

Wrap-up of Spring and start of Summer 2008

what has ended in Spring 2008...

1) Toshokan Sensou; so it might not be a winner hit like Honey and Clover, but i still enjoyed it. and yes, Dojou still reminds me of Sousuke, maybe more. even meow meow thinks so!

2) Amatsuki; total waste of time. i am so disappointed with how it turned out.

3) Angelique; still good enough for another season in summer 2008. still love the ED song. though that might change with the new season.

4) xxxHOLIC Kei; i always wondered why they never do more than a 12-episode season everytime. but judging from how slow CLAMP is reproducing, i guess i can't be greedy.

5&6) Junjou Romantica and Vampire Knight will both be airing part 2 in fall 2008. i have no idea why they're all following the footsteps of Geass and G00. especially since i'm so hooked on both.
total cliff-hanger endings. well, more for VK than JR, but still! they were juz getting to the good parts in JR!

surprisingly, i only dropped druaga and crystal blaze. or rather, i didn't manage to pick them up after the 1st episode.

so whatever is left of Spring 2008, that you've seen me write about, even a little bit, i'm still watching.

and omg, CLAMP is seriously going all out on Geass. just check out the latest OP & ED. instant drool-fest. i can only dream-wish for the same quality of artwork in Tsubasa RC. (CLAMP hasn't done a proper RG Veda since Chobits)

the story, as usual, is twisting as much as it can. as much as i don't like Shirley (ie. she's fan-fare), i was totally taken by surprise when they killed her off after making her relationship progress so much with Lelouch during the last few episodes. but then again, there were other surprises in Ep13 (credits as usual to RC).

Macross Frontier will definitely be getting my votes for best Anime OST 2008. with the way they keep churning out great songs, i'll be surprised if they don't. they have great mechas, and all the good songs. if they could just keep their animation quality consistent, it'll be a total joy to watch.


with the end of such a great Spring, i'm not surprised that Summer 2008 had little to offer me. especially since there's still so many series that are still on-going from Spring. so the ones i'm planning to watch are...

Someday's Dreamers S2

alright, alright, i admit it. i am the ULTIMATE sucker for sequels. even if they might be terrible. frankly, ep1 was wayy boring. yet, i'm still gonna continue. at least, i'll stick around for another episode or two and see if they'll kill me with boredom. =\

Antique Bakery
now this, i'm looking forward to. many many many years ago, i bought and watched the live-action j-drama cos it had both Hideaki and Naohito. after watching ep1, you realized how much they down-played the shonen-ai aspect in the live-action, seeing that Naohito's character Yusuke is like totally gay!

anyway, this is as close as i can get to getting some BL action this season. i've actually checked out how the manga looks like, and the drawing seriously wasn't that fantastic so i didn't buy it. but who knows, i might change my mind after watching the anime. i'm most definitely not buying the manga, the drawings really aren't worth it.

Zero no Tsukaima S3
like i said, sucker-for-sequels. hopefully, this time they would really round up the story. it was interesting at first (S1), then it got slightly tiring and irritating (S2). but if they're really going to give it a good finish, i guess i can stick around for another 12 episodes or so.

so, that's just 3 shows, one of which has a high probability of getting the boot. well, at least that means i'll have a more fruitful Fall 2008 since there's much more sequels coming up then.


S2 is all about London! and hopefully, they'll follow the manga closely. as much as i liked the live-action interpretation of the London-arc, it was only two 1-hr specials, in which they tried to cram as much stuff in as possible.

so, as joey would say it, "it's London baby!"


and i have to say this.

bleach is terribly terribly boring again. i can't decide what's worse, the Bounte filler or this current one.
seriously! what is wrong with juz stopping the series for a season? they did it for all the other shows!

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