Saturday, 9 December 2006

more on my eye ulcer...

this is what, my 3rd visit to the eye doctor. mind you, all 3 times i went, it was 3 different doctors who did the respective check-up.

however, i'm quite impressed with the way they did the follow-up. either their case sheets are written well, or they just get by with whatever they can.

eye ulcer is healing well, and up to this point, my vision is almost completely back in the right eye. i would gauge it at 90%. now, it's just slightly blur compared to the last few days when i almost couldn't see much past my right eye.

thank God for that.

though i'm still quite sensitive to the sun (eyes gets painful under sunlight), hoping that with another day's rest, i would be well enough to join the church camp tomorrow, or monday. my group is very weak! they need help!!

another check-up due on monday morning...

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