Wednesday, 27 December 2006


(back-dated due to the fact that i couldn't get into the blog at all during the entire christmas.)

got this paragraph from the bulletin cover page for Christmas service last sunday during church.

Christmas is not about all the things
we bring to the celebration.
Christmas is about what He brings.
Christmas is about a God in Heaven
who loved us enough to send His Son
to die for us
- Randy Vader-

while we kept saying things like, "i don't feel like it's Christmas," or "there's no Christmas mood," etc etc, maybe like what is written above, we've already forgotten why we've been 'celebrating' Christmas.

it's the Christ of Christmas we celebrate, not Christmas itself. Ponder Him!
- 20th Dec, Our Daily Bread, Christmas Edition-

how long has it been since we've really celebrated the birth of our Saviour?

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