Sunday, 10 December 2006

mid-Fall season ramblings...

well... it's about time i gave some mid-Fall season reviews...

in case you're wondering whether it's possible to watch 19 different anime in one week, the answer is YES!

it's not that difficult really, considering that many subs dun come out immediately the next day, and you still need time to actually download the subs too. they are also a few series which i watch by batch instead of a per episode basis.

hmm... let's see, my week starts from...


One Piece - definite must watch once the subs are out. we're now into the main StrawHat VS CP9 part in Water7, so things are getting more exciting. my take is that filler episodes are probably underway once the Water7 arc finishes for the anime before they start the next story arc.

Kin-iro no Corda - story's pretty evenly paced, not very slow nor draggy. set to be 25-epsiodes long, who knows, they might end up following the manga story plot to the end.

Marginal Prince - sad to say, i'm quite disappointed with the way the story is turning out. though this is supposed to be story by story, there's not much substance in the plot. the songs which the characters sings halfway between each epsiodes are way too cliché. but since it's gonna end soon, i'll stick around to finish up the series.


Pumpkin Scissors - not bad, i like the way the plot is going, even though it's still on a 1-story per episode thing. there's still lots of things to uncover from the characters, like more on Orlando's past, Alice's engagment etc etc. my guess is they'll be going into a major story arc soon.

Tokimeki Memorial - yup, still hanging on to this female harem series. somehow, still enjoying the story so far.

TUESDAY - 2nd most favorite in this season, not counting the long anime like One Piece or Bleach. would loved if the pace was slightly faster, but still, always a definite must watch once the subs are out.

Death Note - one of the least favorite, usually watching by batch. i dunno why, but it just doesn't seem to get me piped up enough to swoon over it. maybe it was the very slow pacing in the beginning. ep10 seemed to have picked up a little more speed, but who knows, it might slow down again towards the middle.

Yamato Nadeshiko - No.1 brainless anime this season. the chibi versions of all the characters are getting way too cute. and the way Sunako swoons over blood and gore, yet fears all things bright and sparkly is just too funny to resist.

Shonen Onmyoji - No.1 favorite! i love this anime!! i'm thinking whether it has anything to do with my interest in mythology, since there's lots of japanese and some chinese mythology involved with all the onmyoji and their shikigamis. either that or it's just the historical japanese setting.


Bleach - way boring now with the Bounto Arc fillers. hoping for it to end asap. end, END, PLEASE END!!

NANA - slow-paced, as usual. but still watching it nontheless. the OP and ED are fantastic though. loved the latest ED, kuroi namida by ANNA.

Yoake Mae - 1st of the 2 anime that are on a 12-episodes run. what i can say is, thank goodness it's only 12 episodes. the plot is just not solid enough for it to last any longer.

Busou Renkin - as i've said, it has gotten to the draggy and really ridiculous part of the story. i'm going through this series as i am going through Bleach now. fast forwarding to the few major parts in the episode, while the rest i totally skip. record time for finishing one episode: 5min. awaiting more promising ending.

Code Geass - another one which i would prefer a much faster paced storyline, but still good enough for me to continue watching. usually batched up to watch a few episodes at a time.

Sumomomo - somehow, this loses to Yamato in its brainless-ness. it started out alright, but seemed to lose some of the funnyness towards the middle. but still looking forward to more laughter in the latter episodes.

Asatte no Houkou - 2nd of the two 12-episodes anime that is ending in 2-wks' time. halfway through the series, i seriously thought about dropping it. but perserverance proves fruitful. this is one series that you have to stay on to like it. and yup, i like it.


Bakumatsu - oooh!! the one anime i didn't get a chance to give a proper summary. as the title given, story is set in the Bakumatsu era, with a ronin in search of something called hasha no kubi that is the main key in the war.

like kenshin, there's lots of interlinking between historical events and also familiar names like the shinsengumi, sakamoto ryoma, katsu kaishu etc. unlike kenshin, there's lots more supernatural involvement, like the mysterious hasha no kubi, which is the centre of the whole story.

i LIKE!! i like war-epics, and this is set right in the middle of the only era i'm familiar with in japan history (thanks to kenshin). and i love the artwork since it came from the same people who did Witch Hunter Robin.


- story is progressing slowly, and even had a month in which there were no episodes aired at all. hopeful that ryuuki would have more airtime even if it is wishful thinking. the one good thing is that Koyasu-sama has joined the seiyuu team, though he's voicing the baddie in this story arc. *sighs* oh well, you can't get the best of both worlds.

Ayakashi - usually the last one to be watched and which is usually batched. story is quite confusing, which is why i usually batch up to watch so that i can get the story straight. i'm hanging onto it.

Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn - latest anime i picked up just a week ago. just one of those random ones which i read the reviews and decided to try watching.

male lead Tsuna is told that he's the next heir to a large mafia organization by his home tutor. the tutor is really a baby called Reborn, sent by the mafia boss to train Tsuna.

it's really not that bad. and the story seemed funny enough to stick around to. too bad the subs are very slow, up until now, only 4 episodes have been released so far.


right, that pretty much sums up all i have to say about the current fall animes.

the only anime i've dropped so far is of course, kanon 2006. i'm sorry to all the kanon fans out there, but isn't it just way boring the way the story is turning out... =P

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