Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Animals United Chronicles


A FULL BITS AND PIECES OF THE NICK-NAMING OF THE MEMBERS AND THE FORMATION OF THE GROUP (Which was basically the same group but a title change)!

I shall do it chronologically, beginning with the Birdy.


Ahh the Bird.. It started with BirdBrain (Moo Moo definition: person with the pea-sized brain of a bird; very blur person), which everyone started calling her since JSS times (b4 dat I dunno). Even into poly and now, she's still stuck with the "bird" name.

Armed with a formidable skill, she can inter-switch between personalities, from the extinct DoDos, to the sneezing chickens; from the cartoon in-proportionately big-headed yellow canary, to the many kinds of fly-able birds; from a night owl who worked 100+ hrs continuously, to a hungry bird (Early birds ate up all the worms so she always hungry). (Fwahh! Even 孙悟空 also 甘拜下风.) Being a scatter-brain, she had lost xx wallets and xx handphones to-date (Birdy pls replace the xx with actual figures).

Other alias of the Bird includes Ah Bird (more amiable), Birdy (act cute version), BB (her short-form), 那只鸟 (when we’re irritated, HAHA!), Cheep Cheep (when Birdy talks, this is the sound she made).

古墓派 Rank: 小龙女 (More like 小聋女 bcos most often then not, calls to her will end up with the irritating voice message zah bor)

Moo Moo

Then came the cow aka the author (Moo??). This started in 2004, in one of the MSN conversations with Meow Meow. According to Meow Meow, talking to her is like playing piano to a cow (对牛弹琴). So she became Moo Moo!~ (Play piano of cos no use lah, bcos Moo Moo is a drummer! ) Moo Moo had evolved from being 小牛津 to Meow Meow’s 牛 (做牛做马,任劳任怨) to being a mad cow. (Sounds more like a downgrade)

The kids of the faction, Moo Moo and Birdy often have irrational ideas/actions/speech which the elderlys (Yes who else but the 2 others below. Kekkekekeke) cracked their brains to comprehend. With grammatically-challenged English (Pls ignore all the grammatical/vocab/spelling errors thru’ out the chronicles) and trying-to-be-chim-but-not-chim Mandarin, Moo Moo volunteered (I volunteered hor??) to be the historian of AU and embarks on this tedious task of recalling the history. She is a worm and goldfish in disguise (worm being a nuahster <- one of Meow Meow’s made up nicks for me; goldfish for having 3 sec memory). She loves sobbing at corners whenever the other animals bully her. (So 可怜没人爱.)

Other alias of Moo Moo includes That Cow, 那只牛.

古墓派 Rank: 孙婆婆 (Bcos she very 照顾 the “deaf” zah bor on top, kind *puke*, blah blah blah, but more like there’s no one else in 古墓派 liao)

Meow Meow

Meow Meow revealed her natural instinct after responding to Roar Roar’s coo-ing but not our numerous calls. (RR: “Here kitty kitty~~” Meow Meow: “Meowwwwww~~~”) After that, she grabs at every opportunity to meow, clings onto every EXPENSIVE fish that was dangled. (Moo Moo tried dangling guppies but Meow Meow bo hiew)

Being Moo Moo’s master, Meow Meow had kicked, scratched, clawed, etc etc etc, Moo Moo. The most classic of all torture, was tying Moo Moo to mango tree (or was it durian?), then Moo Moo activating her phase shift and whatever, and breaks free of the rope, then Meow Meow chases Moo Moo down (横行霸道-ly, 100% hunts down target even if the target vanished), then ties Moo Moo again to the tree with STAINLESS STEEL SUPER STRONG METAL ROPE, and starts throwing mangoes, durians, whatever throwable, at Moo Moo.

Meow Meow has a habit of dousing her computers with pesticides and insecticides, intending to kill the bugs she couldn’t catch and she’s actually a crab cosplaying a cat if nobody had already discovered by now.

Other alias of Meow Meow… Got meh??

古墓派 Rank: 林朝英 (I think it was bcos of the same surname)

Roar Roar (RR)

Since there’s already 3 people in 古墓派 with animal identities, the last one shouldn’t be left out. The historian could not remember how exactly the lion came abt (told u I goldfish liao). Did she start roaring suddenly, or did she jus put on a Lion King costume and join the party?? She chose to be a lion instead of a tiger (母老虎), although both also roar.

Maybe it was bcos she is a hardcore carnivore that gave her the status of the top members of the cat family. Maybe it was due to the fact that she LOOKS fierce. Maybe.. Maybe…

She’s a mystery~

But this QUEEN OF THE CROP of lioness had an ambition, to be a pig. Eat and sleep, eat and sleep, repeat procedure. If one day an oversized pig with lion fur sticking out was to be found sleeping in a sty, please do not panic. It’s jus RR masquerading as an Oink Oink.

Other alias of Roar Roar… Roar Roar Roar (ask Birdy), Roar3 Roar3 (ask Birdy), RR (short form)

古墓派 Rank: 李莫愁 (Ahhh………… Explain urself pls.. I dunno!)


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