Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Last Min Kopitiam Invasion & An Animated Bird

Hehh.. RR i saw ur draft. I was wondering y 2 person can blog n no one toks abt the kopitiam invasion. Nvm I shall do it.

Look at the time. I woke up at 7.30 not knowing wat to do. What the F i wake up so early for when i slept at 2+++ the night before. Couldnt get back to sleep after dat so.. MS!!~~~

Ended work SUPER late yesterday due to a stupid SAP server lag. Of all days lag at MONTH END! [>.<]q The lag started at 4++ when I was 3 pages into my 7 pages/100++ permits list. Still tolerable, abt 30 sec wait per function pressed. Chatted with Meow Meow and Birdy on MSN, where 3/4 of the time, Birdy is MS-ing. Imagine! MS-ING DURING OFFICE HRS IN OFFICE LOR.. kaoz. The 30 sec became 1 min. Then it became so bad that I had to stare [@.@] at the screen for 2 min for one transaction, 3 min to save it, and bo bah geh will be saved (In this case, repeat from step 1, wait 2 min, then 3 min, until confirmed saved).

Slowly, the office emptied out. One-by-one, they left, not without throwing a line at me.
"Wah still dun wanna go back arh?"
"Wah so hardworking arh?"
"Go back go back!~ Boss not in~"
"Not going back?"
etc, etc, etc.

My answer would be... "CANNOT GO BACK ARHH!!~~~ [T.T]"

At 6.45, I'm the only one left in office, facing a lights-out engineering dept. Dun dare to go toilet bcos.. SCARY LAHHH!!!~~ By dat time the system is recovering but still, I'm only on my 4th page. Chiong thru all the permits till 7++, opened up my excel file to update the new permits. A lot of alterations as we have 3 new product codes <- which made me super irritated bcos 3 new products, I have to create 10+++ additional licenses.

All tis while, the small boy (he's older than me by one mth lah) in the terminal was waiting for his price (not by me, another dept). So I complained to him lahh, wat stupid system lah, wat stupid dept doing the pricing lah, wat stupid fishtank on his desk lah. Blah blah blah. We sitting on the same boat.. Ahhahaa.. After everything, he offered me a cab ride out. Claimable anyway since he doing OT.

Anyway, I met up with Birdy at JP. She looks super tired when she reached so I asked her y so sianz lah, since she was MS-ing in office!! Then she started her super animated story. From 1st floor to the food court at 3rd floor. The version dat Meow Meow and RR saw later is already quite toned down liao. Her facial expression really made me laff like mad. (How come she angry then still so funny one I oso dun understand..)

Well, advice to Birdy: Adults ARE UNREASONABLE at times (My aunt has it more than others, urs small case..), we'll grow up to be like dat in time to come. So... WE MUST LEARN NOT TO BE LIKE DAT!!~~

We had a super long dinner, trading unreasonable stories, then topic switched to MS. Ahahhahha.. We left JP at 9.50pm.

Met up again at 11pm (We really cannot get enuff of each other.. I dunno y.. I'm meeting her later again somemore..). Kopitiam at Jurong West Ave 1 Blk 502. There we met up with a sore throat, bug-plagued, pale looking Meow Meow and a super heng RR.

RR!! I jus remembered.. U din pass me ur FTT book!!!

Back to the story, Birdy and me were pushed to order (as usual, those bullies.. kekekke). We, as usual, dunno wat to buy, keep walking back to the seats to ask them. Food arrived, one tissue prata, one cage of haa gao, one plate of fried dumpling, 2 teh bings, 1 kopi + a big bottle of Birdy's mum's brand herbal tea.

Speaking of the herbal tea. Meow Meow, she told me she wanted to bring to u while we were MSNing. She wans me to shhh somemore.. ahhahaha.. Budden.. AUNTY ARHH~~~ I NO NEED!!~~ ehhehehhe.. My mum always brew these herbal tea stuff whenever one of us is down with sore throat or wat (most commonly my bro), and the rest of us oso have to drink. So no need no need... hehhehhehehhe...

Birdy, Meow Meow dedicated this post to u.. Meowww~~~

Ok lah.. enuff of blogging, my stomach a bit pain pain, I go 蹲 toilet liao..

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