Tuesday, 3 April 2012

thoughts before Spring 2012

with the exception of Aquarion EVOL and Moretsu Pirates, i've finished all other Winter series last week in preparation for the new Spring season.

four Weekly Shonen Jump series ended last week,
1) Bakuman (no worries, there's still season 3 in Fall)
2) Bleach (total-drag-thank-goodness-it-finally-ended)
3) Beelzebub (my first surprise ending)
4) Gintama' (shocker!)

i'm still reeling from the shock of Gintama' ending. something i really couldn't accept especially with the news coming only a week before the last episode. since i don't follow the manga, i can't be too sure whether it is because the anime have caught up to the manga chapters. but at least, or i hope, this will not be the end of Gintama. the last episode still gave me a small glimmer of hope that there could still be some continuation somewhere in the near distant future, even though what was posted on WSJ sounded like there would never ever have anymore Gintama anime.

with four WSJ series wrapped up, we only get 2 replacements, Medaka Box and Kuroko no Basuke.

Spring 2012 is HUGE!! of the 50 shows, i already have 20 which i would definitely catch their first episode. whether or not i will continue on watching, will have to be determined after that.

Spring 2012 also comes with the much anticipated Fate/Zero continuation!! another sequel is Kimi to Boku, but we all know everyone is more excited about Fate/Zero.

finally, even with 20 new shows, i've started watching Naruto Shippuunden. something to fill in the hollow that Gintama left.

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