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Spring 2012

as usual, will be blogging each new Spring series as i watch them. all biased opinions ahead.

all biased opinions are up!

with Irino Miyu and Sugita-san reuniting (after Danshi) for this, i didn't even have to consider watching; this is already a MUST-WATCH. a little different from Irino's previous "alien" show, since he's the self-proclaimed alien this time round. the scene-stealer? Akira (CV Sugita-san) and his duck Tapioca. it's funny to see him talking to Tapioca, not to mention with four SPs at his beck and call.

Sakamichi no Apollon
the return of a music-based show to the NoitaminA block? hell yeah! after Nodame Cantabile ended, we haven't had any good music devoted show in the block for ages. i've never been that familiar with jazz music, always confused between jazz and blues, so this is a good chance to learn and enjoy, much like how Nodame made me appreciate classical music.

an emotionless child soldier Jonah (CV Tamura Mutsumi) with a too-cheerful female arms dealer Koko (CV Itou Shizuka) and her staff of ex-military veterans. lots of guns, outrageous car chases and beautiful beautiful visuals. Ep1 doesn't give you the slow character introduction, it gets that over and done with in the first 5 minutes, then continues to keep you in captivated with loads of action and also some laughs in between. i'm sure we'll get to the actual story soon, but in the meantime, just keep me entertained with the car chases.

posted 10 Apr,

Kuroko no Basuke
basketball anime. need i say more. it's been ages!! but instead of loggerheads main leads, Kuroko (CV Ono Kensho) is contented being the "shadow" player of the team and wants to be the one helping Taiga (Ono Yuuki) become Japan's greatest player. coincidentally, their jersey numbers are No.11 and No.10 respectively, just like Rukawa and Hanamichi in Slam Dunk.

if you think the fight with Caster from last Dec is going to wrap up in this first episode, think again. there was no rush on the animators side to put an end to Caster, even with his master shot dead at the end of the episode by Kiritsugu (CV Koyama Rikiya). what they really want to do is awe you with their beautiful story-weaving skills and even more fantastic CGs.

the main highlight of the episode was definitely Archer (CV Seki Tomokazu) and Berserker's (CV Okiayu Ryotaro) aerial fight. absolutely beautiful. now i know why Archer (Gilgamesh) is so full of himself, because he probably IS the strongest servant among them. so excited to see his Gate of Babylon in its full glory soon. it might look even more awesome than Rider's Ionioi Hetairoi.

Accel World
i'm getting tired of watching Kaji Yuuki in cowardly roles. yet even as i say this, i still continue watching shows that have him rise from being a coward to a "hero/savior". ironic isn't it. well, the premises of Accel World is what interest me, a future world where one can access a virtual network via their mobile phones and even speak telepathically with someone else if you're hooked up to their mobile.

Medaka Box
Toyosaki Aki as overbearing student council president Medaka. that was enough for me to start watching this show. totally different from her role as Kuneida from Beelzebub, it once again showed how versatile she is. as most typical Shonen Jump series, there is much exaggeration on almost everything, tons of cliché, and with a female lead, lots of panty shots for the boys. if you can ignore the last bit, it's a pretty funny show to watch. not hilariously funny, but funny enough.

Acchi Kocchi
finally a light-hearted rom-com! while it took some time to adjust to Okamoto Nobuhiko voicing someone so mild, this show had me smiling through-out episode 1. nevermind that the type of pairing has used over and over again; a dense boy, Io (CV Okamoto-san), and a tsundera girl, Tsumiki (Rumi Ookubo). one can only hope that with all the pushing that their friends are doing, they would end up as an official couple at the end of 12 episodes, but as with this genre, that's basically an impossibility.

posted 04 Apr,

Natsuiro Kiseki
i usually don't have any problems recommending any slice-of-life shows to anyone. but for some reason, this show just didn't click with me the way most other SOL did. instead of feeling the usual WAFF (warm and fuzzy feeling), i felt frustrated and annoyed at the 2 leads characters voiced by Takagaki Ayahi and Kotobuki Minako. and the "miracle" that was supposed to affect/change their lives, just looks plain stupid.

will stick around for another episode or two, but this might probably be the first show off my Spring list if the story doesn't get any better.

first of the more serious dark action shows of Spring, episode 1 was a brief background introduction and how the two main leads, led by Namikawa Daisuke, and Miyano Mamoru, met as children. story-wise from what i read from numerous summaries, it looks pretty bloody and violent, although it may seem mild compared to Deadman Wonderland (my personal gold standard for all blood, gore and violence). i can take a little blood and violence, as long as the story is to my liking. why i always use Deadman Wonderland as a comparison, so that DW is all about violence and how many ways you can kill or be killed. and that's just too sadistic for my taste.

Kimi to Boku.2
after Danshi ended, the other group of high school boys are back. the slightly more sane, and peaceful group. aside from our usual five, there will be more characters introduced this time round. i see alot of unfamiliar females. potential love-interests? hmm.

and yes, the usual flashbacks of the boys in kindergarten and elementary school are will be regularly visited. yippee! the young twins look cute as always.

Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden
it's been years since i read/watch Naruto, but when a gag comedy series comes out, it doesn't take much for me at least want to watch the first episode, especially now that i'm trying to marathon the regular Naruto Shippuuden series. i'll have to admit, not all the jokes are funny, there's too much repetitive poop and bikini jokes, but it will be a good break to watch something brainless in between all the other more heavy drama shows this season.

Furusato Saisei Nippon no Mukashi Banashi
if you want to know more about japanese folklore, this is the show for you. it wasn't actually in my list at first, but surprisingly has gotten pretty good reviews from various bloggers. like Naruto SD, it isn't something on a must-watch-per-week basis, but it will be good as a sideshow to lift your spirits up after a hard day's work.

posted 03 Apr,

Uchuu Kyouda
besides Twin Spica, don't think i've watched anything similar to this. and it is quite refreshing for a change even if the whole "i want to be an astronaut!" business is pretty much out-dated now. what i like that is different from how many other stories progress, is how supportive Mutta's (CV Hirata Hiroaki) family is. even though he was fired from the company, yet Hibito (CV Kenn) still spurs him on to try aiming for his dream again, and his mom even goes to the length of sending his resume to the new astronaut recruitment program, where he was shortlisted as one of the candidates. now that's family for you!

Hiiro no Kakera
your typical reverse harem show, although it has been some time since i've watch a Miko-and-guardians story. aside from Sugita Tomokazu and Namikawa Daisuke, most of the other seiyuus are, in my opinion, newbies in the reverse harem genre.

in any case, this is my type of bishonen-filled show, so without a doubt, i will be watching to the end. surprisingly, it was given a 26-episode run right off the bat. even Hakuouki, the best reverse harem show i've watched in recent years, had to split between two seasons. should i have high expectations of this?

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