Monday, 19 September 2011

Usagi Drop Episode 11

love the finale.

cute smiley face acorns.
usagi drop ep11-01

a very often pictured scene in the show.
usagi drop ep11-02
the early morning ritual.

the perfect ponytails, by Daikichi.
usagi drop ep11-03

Daikichi's parent friends.
usagi drop ep11-04

Rin's friends.
usagi drop ep11-05

Rin has very much integrated into Daikichi's family, compared to the beginning.
usagi drop ep11-06

the missing two front teeth!
usagi drop ep11-07
this must be something a kid always goes through. HA!

always love the hugging scenes between the two.

usagi drop ep11-08

well, all good things must come to an end.

in the meanwhile, looking forward to watching the live-action movie. hope gets released soon on funshion, or maybe even in the local theaters.

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