Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ouran High School Host Club Live-action Ep 7

one of my favorite shojo series so far, i've forgotten the number of times i've re-read the manga or rewatched the anime, especially since the live-action dorama started in July.

still remembered complaining about the manga drawings back when the anime first started me going on this series, but i'm glad i picked it up. it has been a wonderful ride following the guys on all their misadventures.

i know that the actors aren't as good-looking as most fans expect them to be, but after watching 7 episodes, i'm actually getting very attached to them. even Honey-sempai, whom i initially thought was the ultimate wrong choice, has become one of my favorite in the dorama.

as for Haruhi, Kawaguchi Haruna did a pretty good job portraying her. if Sakamoto Maaya brought out the nonchalant feel of Haruhi, Haruna brought out the pissed-off look very well. now, if only Yamamoto Yusuke wasn't that whinny as Tamaki, everything would have been much better in the adaptation.

unlike other adaptations like HanaKimi or even Hana Yori Dango that chose to change tons of things, the dorama has been quite faithful to both the manga and anime, which is a definite good move, because that definitely pleases fans like me.

you can check out the similarities and differences between the two versions in my favorite episode, where the host club goes visiting at Haruhi's apartment.

the guys tries their "space saving" sitting position.
ouran 01

i really wished they'd followed the anime for this, but oh well.
ouran 02

Tamaki pays his respects at Haruhi's mom's altar.
ouran 03

exactly the same position!
ouran 04

then there's the Tamaki-bashing by Ranka-san.
ouran 05

95% similarities. except that Haruhi is present in the dorama version.
ouran 06

i liked the dorama version better, where Tamaki gets pelted by actual arrows. HA!
ouran 07

mushroom growing Tamaki is so funny.
ouran 08

Ranka-san bullies Tamaki. not that he isn't already doing that. heehee.
ouran 09

eating nabe together.
ouran 10

Yusuke-san might be too over-the-top and exaggerated, but if you compare to the manga/anime Tamaki, they're not that much different really.

for fans that can't get enough of them after the dorama finishes, there's the Ouran movie to look forward to next year. YAYY!!

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