Monday, 13 June 2011

OP Wonderland Tea Party

OP in wonderland 15

one of the cutest One Piece set since the OBAHAN time and Fruits Party, here's the One Piece Wonderland Tea Party!

very hard to get a good view of everyone displayed together.OP in wonderland 01

lots of mini accessories! all for their tea time fun.
OP in wonderland 03

individual shots as i was unwrapping each item. it took me an hour or so to go through all of them.

OP in wonderland 04 OP in wonderland 05
heehee. he looks weird without his sunglasses.

that's better.
OP in wonderland 06
all the tea cups comes separately with the saucer. you can imagine the amount of loose items there is.
decided to blue-tack everything together for fear of losing them.

OP in wonderland 07

OP in wonderland 08
he comes with a fifth of the table, doughnuts and a plate.

OP in wonderland 12

OP in wonderland 11

his top hat is removable, so you can still see his bandana.
OP in wonderland 09

i have to say, the details of this set is amazing.
OP in wonderland 10

OP in wonderland 14
she's the only one not drinking or eating anything.
comes with a weird looking bunny and a suitcase. from the money sign on it, it's probably loaded with money.

Luffy, that's not a binoculars.
OP in wonderland 16

as always, he's never complete without his straw hat.
OP in wonderland 17

he comes lots more doughnuts, being the greedy pig he is.
OP in wonderland 19

OP in wonderland 20

sipping tea leisurely.
OP in wonderland 21
you can't expect our cool historian to be munching down food.

not like our Chopper.
OP in wonderland 31
being the follower that he is, he probably stuffed too many doughnuts after looking at Luffy eat.

need water!!
OP in wonderland 32

OP in wonderland 30
while he seems to be taking it easy, it looks like he's more attracted to the wine bottle on the table.

yes, he's definitely aiming for the wine.
OP in wonderland 29

and finally,

OP in wonderland 22

he comes with lots of accessories.
OP in wonderland 23
all for the sake of his nakama.

the only thing that is probably his own is the hat.
OP in wonderland 24

drinks for the boys.
OP in wonderland 25

and tea for the ladies.
OP in wonderland 26

OP in wonderland 28

definitely a set worth buying. the details, like i mentioned, is really great.
i'm going to have to try if the accessories can be used with the nendos. hahaha.


Anonymous said...

If it's alright to ask, where did you buy this and how much did it cost you? I'm looking to get the set myself, but I'm not sure if I can pay too much for it.

The details are amazing though! Thank you for the awesome pictures!

Roar Roar said...

assuming you're from Singapore, i got this from the Latendo shop at Funan. think i paid about $120 for it. not sure if they still have this in stock, but you can always email or call them to ask.

thanks for the comment~