Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Reborn #188

the end of the Primo Familia filler arc.

the Mist inheritance trial took up the most episodes, up to a point where it got abit draggy. but at least it's finally over, and Mukuro did appear at the very end.

Daemon Spade, Primo's Mist Guardian.
reborn 188-01

reborn 188-02

Tsuna is caught in Daemon's illusion.
reborn 188-03

enters Mukuro!
reborn 188-04

who not only broke the illusion but saves the girls too.
reborn 188-05

confrontation between the 2 Mist Guardians.
reborn 188-06

reborn 188-07

coming to a mutual understanding.
reborn 188-08 reborn 188-09

reverting back to Chrome.
reborn 188-10

reborn 188-11

Primo appears.
reborn 188-12

reborn 188-13

Daemon's 1st non-malicious smile.
reborn 188-14

Daemon still kept the pocket watch that Primo gave his guardians.
reborn 188-15

reborn 188-16

returning to the rings.
reborn 188-17

reborn 188-18

reborn 188-19

departure of the Arcobaleno.
reborn 188-21

Squallo and Belphegor comes to take back Mammon.
reborn 188-22

the next day,
reborn 188-23

returning back to the future.
reborn 188-24

we're going back to the main story.


i wonder whether we'll get to see more of the Primo family in the future.

i'm gonna miss them.

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