Wednesday, 9 June 2010

google documents

after months of monitoring air tickets, we (moo moo, birdy and me) are finally booked for Japan in mid-Oct!!

well, we would have waited for prices to go even cheaper, but there was a certain situation with birdy's boss and her block leave.

long story, too difficult to summarize.

in any case, the important bits are,

- a long MSN mass chat session that had all of us awake until 2am,
- everyone was on the Thai Airways website,
- passport details were exchanged,
- moo moo's credit card was flashed,
- tickets were booked,
- and we will be ready to fly come Oct 20th.

the MSN session also included meow meow who, though not joining us for the trip, yet stayed up with us since she was leave last week and didn't need to wake up early. (fyi, all of us were late for work the next day. =P)

but really, i'm supposed to be blogging about the wonders of the google documents function in gmail, and being able to share documents with others.

it's been a long time since i've planned any itinerary that is not solely done on my own, so it's really fun to do this together with the other two.

and if we all happen to be viewing the itinerary together, we can even see what the rest are up to and what they are updating.

and start spamming each other in the same document. HA!


ok, so this function has been up for ages.

but i'm new to these things.

indulge me. =P

Moo Moo spams: I think its more amusing that we were using an excel spreadsheet uploaded to google docs like twitter when we're both online, can use either 1) MSN or 2) the chatting thingy in google docs.. =.="

ok keeping Birdy updated is probably the only excuse i can think of..

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