Saturday, 3 April 2010

Primo Familia

after last week's recap episode, i sorta expected that they were going into filler-mode much like the Arcobaleno trial arc.

true enough, this week's ep178 is the start of the Primo Familia arc.

not that i'm complaining.

if you've been following the reborn manga, you would know that the future arc ended 2 weeks ago and the most unresolved thing was that Amano-sensei DID NOT show the future form of Tsuna. and i'm fairly sure i'm not the only one who's badly disappointed.

with the new Primo Familia arc, we get to see Vongola Primo, AKA "what-Tsuna-would-probably-look-like-TYL". not forgetting the Primo Guardians, who all bear similarities to their Decimo counter-parts.

this week also marks the start of the new OP and ED. once again, the ED shined through as the better song, and also the better sequence.

here's a group photo of the Primo Familia from the ED.
Reborn ED 15-02

but my favorite scene is actually a continuation from the previous ED.

from the previous gr8 story ED, the Decimo Familia group photo.
Reborn ED 14

from the current Familia ED, Varia barging into the photo session.
Reborn ED 15


Italian 101:
Primo - First; Decimo - Tenth; Familia - Family

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