Monday, 26 April 2010

Nodame Finale Special

the Finale Special that was bundled with the first DVD was finally subbed and released last week.

titled "Mine to Kiyora no Saikai" ("Mine and Kiyora's Reunion"), i'm very happy that it followed the manga as it is, with Kiyora's competition and Ryuu visiting her in Paris.

though the focus on them had always been very short, i love this coupling. and the Special showed how even Kiyora is not immune to separation from Ryuu.

hopefully the 2nd movie would play that out well too. cos the live-action Kiyora, Mizukawa Asami, has always given off a very aloof vibe when she is actually quite passionate.

here's a few screencaps of the couple.

nodame finale special 01
Ryuu crying at Kiyora's recital.

nodame finale special 02
empassionate Kiyora.

nodame finale special 03
Kiyora surprising Ryuu from behind.

nodame finale special 04
Ryuu doing a Chiaki moment.

nodame finale special 05
Kiyora asking Ryuu about going back to Japan.

nodame finale special 06
my favorite scene.

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