Monday, 5 October 2009

Hagu VS Hagu

it's really difficult to bring Hanamoto Hagumi to live-action.

H&C hagu2

after finishing the dorama Hachimitsu to Clover, between Narumi Riko (dorama) and Aoi Yuu (movie), i much preferred Yuu-chan as Hagu.

Hagu almost always gave off a spaced-off/innocent feel.

H&C hagu

while Riko-chan (left) can pull off the spaced-off look, she looks too mature to give off that innocent feel, while Yuu-chan (right) had that "look" the moment she appeared on screen.

ironic, since Yuu-chan was 21 when she was cast, whereas Riko-chan was only 16.

but as i've said, it's already difficult to bring Hagu to live-action. i should be grateful that there were at least 2 actresses who could personify her.

other thoughts,

there were many parts they didn't cover, most importantly the scene where all 5 of them spent the day looking for the four-leaf clover, which was instead replaced with Takemoto searching for it alone.

they slightly twisted the ending and didn't use the real reason why Hagu chose to stay with Shuuji. but i guess it would be weird since the Shuuji in the dorama was much more a father figure-like character, even compared to the anime, and has never in any way, indicated that he loves Hagu like how Takemoto and Morita does.

it was obvious that Ikuta Toma did a better job as Takemoto than Sakurai Sho. not that i'm being particularly biased, but i always thought Sho's smiles look a wee bit forced.

they totally left out Morita's past and focused more on the romance between him, Hagu and Takemoto.

i love the dorama Nomiya and Miwako!

especially Miwako who is played by Takizawa Saori. she fitted the role perfectly, looks and all!
H&C miwako

i have never been a fan of Kashiwabara Takashi (柏原崇), but gosh! he looks good as Nomiya.
H&C nomiya

they extended Romaiya-sempai's (who only appeared in the OVA) role in the dorama. the interaction between him and the guys are always funny to watch.

if i were to pick my best cast for Hachimitsu to Clover, these would be my best choices,

Takemoto Yuuta - Ikuta Toma (dorama)
Hanamoto Hagumi - Aoi Yuu (movie)
Morita Shinobu - Narimiya Hiroki (dorama)
Mayama Takumi - Osamu Mukai (dorama)
Yamada Ayumi - Seki Megumi (movie)
Teshigawara Miwako - Takizawa Saori (dorama)
Nomiya Takumi - Kashiwabara Takashi (dorama)

it was difficult for them to squeeze both seasons into 11 episodes, but overall, the dorama wasn't all that bad.

it could have been better if they were given more time, but at least they didn't try to put in things like Morita's past and do a half-hearted job of it.

repercussion of watching the dorama:

as my memory of the anime had become fuzzy over the years, i've taken to watching bits of the anime to see what the dorama missed out.

bad mistake!

it only made me wanna do a marathon run of the entire anime again. maybe with the somewhat disappointing Fall season, i might just have the time to do it soon.

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