Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Fall 2009

for all the anticipation i had for Fall 2009, i've only picked up 10 shows, 8 of which i've already rambled about in mid-aug.

in order of me watching each episode 1's,

Nyan Koi!
the comedy is very much lacking, given that this is supposed to be a rom-com. high chance of dropping this, but i'll give it another few episodes before doing the actual deed.

the only saving grace is perhaps Fukuyama Jun who is voicing 2 characters inside, especially that of Tama the cat. been too long since i've seen him in anything comical, since the last 2 shows had been Code Geass and Valkyria Chronicles.

Seiken no Blacksmith - The Sacred Blacksmith
if it wasn't for the last 5 min, i would've dropped this at episode1. as such, because of the very cool magical sword-forging process, i'm keen to continue with the show.

i could do without Cecily repeating her mantra ("i'm a knight, blah blah blah") for the 3rd time in one episode. who knows how many more times it'll be sprouting out of her mouth.

the only good thing is that Lisa is very likable compared to the former. and she is of much more use too. without Lisa, Luke would never be the sacred blacksmith. and Cecily would never be able to get her very own katana.

Tentai Senshi Sunred S2
finally, the start of something good in the season. we start off this season with the reunion of "Weather 3" which Sunred used to be part of. regardless of their disbandment, they still kicked the asses of all the villains.

which still looks more like them being the bullies than the heroes of the show.

they even have their own OP. maybe they'll use it from time to time, like Hetalia with the Germany and Japan-version EDs.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
spin-off from last year's Index, Mikoto becomes the main lead and sets to take Touma's place as defender of the city. she'll probably do a better job since she actually does have a special power. ie. generate electricity.

reminds me of the other electricity-generating character, Eneru from One Piece.

see the similarities?

could do with less yuri-scenes with Kuroko, but have to accept that she's part of the main cast now. i think the only part where it wasn't irritating was when she was doing her Judgement job and using her teleporting power.

Tatakau Shisho - The Book of Bantorra
the first serious show where it had me hooked within the first 5 min. different from the other library-inspired anime, Toshokan Sensou, this involves librarians with magical powers who serve to protect books containing memories of dead people.

the character designs looks great. there's magic. there's mystery. and there's a Jeanne d'Arc-like character who looks like the key to the entire show.

all in all, it looks promising enough to watch to the end.

Tegami Bachi - Letter Bee
fantasy series where postmen called Letter Bees deliver packages while battling giant insects called Gaichuu that roams the lands. not much has happened in episode1 except the introduction of the 2 main leads.

after going through wiki, it seems that Gauche eventually becomes the antagonist (typical), while Lag goes on to becoming a Bee. the settings and story looks interesting enough to this point, so it'll probably be worth finishing.

Miracle train
i'm watching this for the cute guys, i'm watching this for the bishonens, i'm watching this for the ikemen.

there's really no other reason why i'm watching this. the plot is cheesy as it is, train stations personified as bishonens and going around helping troubled passengers (ie. women).

i'm watching this for the cute guys, i'm watching this for the bishonens, i'm watching this for the ikemen.

i'm totally amused that Morita Masakazu always voices the same type of character in these show.

Morita Masakazu

whether it's Alfred (Marginal Prince), Kazuki (La Corda) or the latest Ryogoku (Miracle Train), even Ichigo (Bleach) bears strikingly similar traits. typical case of stereotyping.

so if you're looking for plot, DO NOT watch this.

if you're looking for cute guys/bishonens/ikemen, and can stand all the cheese that'll be oozing out of this series, please continue watching and swoon.

my favorite? Ruppongi Fumi. KYAA!

with the end of Tsubasa RC on Oct 7 and the near-end of xxxHOLIC, CLAMP's latest work features a girl going around healing wounded hearts. expect familiar faces to appear, much like Tsubasa and xxxHOLIC.

almost all of CLAMP's works have been adapted into anime (TV series, OVA, OAD, etc), so it was only a matter of time before Kobato gets its own adaptation.

comparatively to the previous 2 works, this is definitely a more light-hearted series. although knowing CLAMP, there's bound to be lots of hidden secrets and plot-twists.

Kimi ni Todoke
the series i've been looking forward to, many would make the comparison between this and Yamato Nadeshiko, but aside from Sawako and Sunako's almost similar looks, everything else is very different.

Sawako's life goal is to make friends, while the latter's life goal is to stay as far away from people.

i love all the seiyuu cast! especially Kazehaya's seiyuu; you can't get more "100% freshness" besides Namikawa Daisuke. though after episode1, i still think he could've put in more "freshness" as Kazehaya.

Darker Than Black: Ryūsei no Gemini
gosh, i had forgot almost everything about this show, except it's about a group of people called contractors who gained special powers after a meteor landed on earth. will probably have to re-read the summaries on RC just to recap.

judging by the title and short 12-episodes run, the sequel seemed to be focused on just one story. which is a good thing, since it also means the story will move along fast. it's still exciting to see Hei in action. waiting for the appearance of Yin.

true enough, episode1 was good and i'm more than willing to continue watching. lots of similar characters to Rave Master, but that's pretty much expected.

Plue even made a small comeback, not as a main character, but as a summon-able spirit of Lucy's. i also thought of how similar it is to FF8 when Lucy was summoning Aquarius.

and i like most of the seiyuus, with Kakihara Tetsuya (Gurren Lagaan's Simon) as Natsu, Kugimiya Rie (Toradora's Taiga) as Happy, and Hirano Aya (Nana's Reira) as Lucy.

unlike most otakus, i usually prefer Kugimiya Rie when she's not voicing those rich-and-spoilt female characters. her role as Happy reminds me of how she voiced Nene in Potemayo.


so that's about all there is to Fall 2009. slight disappointment, but i guess i can't compare it last year.


it's a good time to catch up on my dorama for the next 3 months.

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