Tuesday, 29 September 2009

OP WANTED Strawhat Pirates collection

gugu was nice enough to help me collect this together with her own set 2weeks ago, although i didn't managed to get the secret variant, which ah gu did. (lucky cow!)

all 9 bounties

had to resign myself to the fact that until the Marines get a better photo, this Duvul-photo is what Sanji is gonna stay as. ~_~.``

gugu said Zoro's was the hardest to fix, but i disagree.

had a harder time fixing up Brooke and Usoppu instead.

Usoppu & Brooke
OP WANTED usoppu&brooke
had to blue-tack both their cane and sling shot to their respective portraits. wasn't gonna balance them like what gugu did since i already had to compact them into my cupboard.

Nami & Robin
OP WANTED nami&robin
only had to orientate and determine where each of Robin's hands were supposed to go.

Chopper & Franky
OP WANTED franky&chopper
Chopper and Franky were the easiest to fix since there were no separate parts. and so was Luffy's.

for those that did get the secret variant, like gugu, the only difference is that you get a devil fruit instead of the meat.


after looking through my pre-order list, i realized a huge overhaul is required for my cupboard. had too much things, too little space.

so last night, finally got down to some seriously cleaning and re-arrangements.

my cupboard 29092009 01

decided to push all the non-One Piece sets to the top shelf. which isn't much to begin with since i only have 2 Gundum Seed sets, 1 Tenipuri set and other random items like the Zaku Phantom, Mazda RX-7 and Code Geass voice I-Dolls.

my cupboard 29092009 02

i've relocated all the Styling sets to the 2nd shelf. there should be enough space for the next set, which will be the Strong World set, before i start squeezing them again.

3rd shelf now houses most of the 5cm sets. gonna ask my dad to build me new stands so that the whole shelf can be maximize for use, since this will be the shelf that will have additions most of the time. i'm waiting for the Impel Down set to arrive.

my cupboard 29092009 03

4th shelf houses Sunny-go, the WANTED collection, the Diorama World sets and of course, the POPs.

finally, my Sanji POP is where it should belong. previously had it in my manga cupboard, which is fine, since i could see it from my bed anyway.

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