Tuesday, 22 September 2009

i'm too old for this

after 2 days (20-21 sep) of the TA Amazing Race, i can only conclude that,

i'm too old for this.

even though i'm not even past 30yrs yet, i could feel the years eating away at me.

i only had 2 main motivations for the entire program,
Day 1: to not sleep on the streets of SG.
Day 2: to finish the race and hope that the ending point is in the West.

thankfully, i had a great team that wasn't the cheong sua type, and we never really run for anything, except for that one bus 131 that led us back to our night pitstop at TA2.

other thoughts,

i've never sweat so much since who-knows-how-long-ago, even without all the running. and i've sweat in areas i've never though i would. (dun ask, i'm not saying)

i dunno whether to be thankful that the weather was so good, or curse that it was bloody blazing hot. and i still can't believe i walked up and down Race Course Road in the blazing afternoon sun. without taking out my umbrella.

i hate sleeping in the TA2 choir room. mattress too thin, air-con too cold.
ALL my joints were aching.

seriously, i'm too old for this.

the moment i reached home, had a long thorough bath, drank green bean soup that mum made, and i was out within 5min on my bed.

when i eventually woke up, minus the toilet breaks and such, it was close to 10am today.

you know you're probably too old for these strenuous activities when you need 18hrs to recharge yourself (in this case, myself).
Singlish 101
cheong sua: hokkien for running up a mountain. usually used by army guys as an alternative term to "gung ho" which means to be enthusiastic, sometimes excessively so.

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