Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Summer 2009

1st time i picked up so many series in one Summer season.

here's what i'll be watching for now:

1) Sora no Manimani
good! i know the girl-chase-guy routine has been used frequently, but at least for now, the girl is doing it for the reason of getting said-boy into the astronomy club.

and have always been drawn to series with astronomy themes, be it manga or anime, so i'll definitely continue watching this.

2) Spice and Wolf II
pretty good for the 1st episode. had half a mind not to continue with this since the end of season 1 got a tad too boring for me.

somehow. somewhere. towards the middle of the episode, it convinced me enough to at least give it a few more episodes before the possibility of chucking it.

3) Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
the most irritating/emo main lead of Summer'09 must be Mirai. if it weren't for the much anticipated earthquake plot, i would've dropped it 1/3 into the episode.

now i'm hoping she doesn't get on my nerves, and starts getting into her act as the responsible older sister she should be.

4) Umineko no Naku Koro ni
i don't seem to remember watching a crime series for a long time, probably ever since Detective Conan, so it'll be good to see how this progress.

dark and slightly creepy. i probably should not try to watch this too late at night.

5) Taishou Yakyuu Musume
after my Cross Game infatuation, i've picked up another baseball anime. however this is not hardcore baseball, but rather how a pair of girls tries to build a female baseball team during the Taishou-era.

will probably stick to this for now. depending on how the upcoming episodes turn out, i may or may not continue.

complicated plot involving a female assassin with enhanced senses. then there's the female photographer who is searching for said-assassin whilst she's on the job.

i really want to feel more excited about this series. but given that i'm already watching Phantom, another assassin-based show wasn't that big a draw. especially since Phantom is very good.

since it's only a 13-episodes series, i will probably continue to watch this.

7) Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
until i can finish up the previous 2 seasons (plus the OVA), this is on a definite hold.


other shows that i watched the 1st episode but didn't pick up:

1) Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Itekureta Koto~

not even Koyasu-sama voicing the main lead is enough to make me continue watching this.

3) Bakemonogatari
for all the good reviews of this show, i can't get myself to like it anymore than i like ef. yes, the visuals were fantastic, blah blah blah,

but frankly, i was abit freaked out by Hitagi using the stapler on Koyomi. (she stapled the inside of his cheek! OUCH!)

4) Kanamemo
yuri involved. not so much the main thing per se, but still. the story wasn't that interesting either.


so in addition to the current 9 series, the addition of the new ones will bring my total tally to 16 series for the next 3 months. thankfully, most of them are ending before the start of Fall'09, except for the long-standing ones (OP, bleach, reborn) and Cross Game.

gotta clear more time for Fall'09, where i'll be expecting more series.

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