Tuesday, 7 July 2009

One Piece #408

OP is finally starting the Amazon Lily arc.

not that i didn't enjoy the last 2 episodes. the good thing about OP fillers are that they are never draggy.

and you can have perfectly funny episodes just by changing the era and putting OP characters into it.

in any case, the manga is 35 chapters ahead of the anime. i reckon we wouldn't have another filler until after the Amazon Lily arc.

even then, i'm guessing that they'll probably do the fillers on the whereabouts of the other Strawhat pirates, based on the cover illustrations from the manga chapters.

well, still no sign of Hancock yet.
she probably wouldn't appear until #410 since they're on a one manga chapter per anime episode basis.


on another note, Bleach is going into fillers again. i can't believe the amount of fillers this whole arc has been getting.

i mean, the manga is 25 chapters ahead of the anime, so i was really hoping they wouldn't need any fillers as yet. rumours is it might last for the whole summer season, so you can understand how much i'm dreading this.

will be putting it on hold for the moment or, not watch the fillers at all.

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