Monday, 16 February 2009

my new lovelies~

after making the effort (i even had to endure the 20min walk from Kallang MRT cos i missed the shuttle bus and was running late) to go down to Kallang Leisure Park last friday to get my latest One Piece gashapons, i thought it was only proper that i blogged about what i bought.

the One Piece Unlimited Cruise Location part 2 collection, complete with 2 secret variants of Luffy and Chopper, seen below in the middle.

i know i've put up random collections as i've bought them, eg. GSD petit studio, other OP collections, but i've never listed all of them before.

inspired, i shall try in my next entry, to "introduce" all my existing collections, including my mobile straps collections, if i manage to sort them out properly.

as of my latest collection, i have a total of 12 sets of OP gashapons and/or figurines.

my pride and joy would all be revealed soon.

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