Thursday, 22 January 2009

state of my walls

how my room, or basically, how my walls, has evolved over the last 4 years since i came back from tassie.

Year 2005

my walls were full of posters, the curtains were drawstring type which accumulated lots of dust and were impossible to clean.

i was also sharing room with my sister so the room seemed so much more smaller, with her mattress on the floor and the extra fan and something else i can't remember beside my table.

fast-forward 3 years later...

Year 2008

in between the 3 years, i managed to,
1) get my room back (i.e. my sis also finally got her own room)
2) got a new bed and mattress, together with new chest of drawers
3) changed my laptop from a toshiba to my current Sony Vaio-C.
4) changed my curtains to easy-to-wash cloth ones.
5) repainted my walls

i was intending to blue-tack up all my posters again after the repainting, but you know how procrastination totally messes up your most well-thought plans?


anyway, i kinda like my walls empty now.

fast-forward another year...

Year 2009, 1 week before CNY

and in less than 1 year, i've done another revamp,
1) gotten rid of both of the wall shelves that you saw in the previous 2 photos
2) replaced it with my pride and joy IKEA cupboard holding my gashapons, figurines and manga
3) replaced my old and quite possibly very dirty table with another IKEA product.

and just last week, i've repainted the slab of wall behind my bed a glorious purple.

the whole point of this entire post is really just to show my pretty new feature wall, which is a rich HARMONIOUS PURPLE color.

it was really just to cover the ugly drill marks holes that were still left behind from the wall shelves that were taken down in oct.

yes, it has been that long. i told you procrastination messes you up.

anyway, cos papa didn't have any of the wall paint left from previously, it was either blue-tacking up some posters to cover the holes, or buy wallpaper, or buy paint.

so painting it was. plus, i've always wanted to do a feature wall.

i painted 75% of it myself, so i did feel quite accomplished. mama bought everyone new curtains for CNY, so i have new purple curtains to go along with my new wall too.


so let me side-track alittle here...

the SELF FIX shop @ JP has the coolest machine.

did you know that paint colors don't just come in tins now? when i was at the counter choosing colors, i had my doubts on whether they had the color i chose from the color palette. cos the counter looks really small and doesn't seem like it has much stock of anything much.

so when i told the person my decision, he just asked me for the color code, took a tin of white paint, keyed the color code into the computer and place the tin at the dispensary area.

and just like coffee coming out of a coffee machine, the machine dispensed the correct amount of primary colors to give me my harmonious purple.

in the tin goes into another machine that vigorously shakes the tin to mix the paint contents.

! ! !

i was like,


is it just me? or does everyone know this already?"

now you don't have to worry about the paint shop not having the color you want.

that's pretty neat stuff.

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