Saturday, 24 January 2009

recommending anime

meow meow asked me to recommend her some anime during our kopi session tonight.

she is in the middle of changing jobs and has another week's break before hitting the new job in feb.

at that exact moment, i don't know whether it's because i was brain-dead, or was it really difficult to recommend anime i think might interest her.

as many of you know, i watch almost anything and everything though i tend to stay away from female harem series now.

and while i can take most romance genre, even then, i can't stomach series like clannad or DC or white album.

i'm more into rom-com (romantic comedies), love most slice-of-life, fantasy, sci-fi, and have an obvious fetish for mecha and vampire series. not forgetting my BL and male harem which i've been watching alot for the past few years.

well, after coming back and reading through, here's a list of wat meow meow can try taking a look at.

1) Hyakko (absolute fun, no brainer)
2) Ga-Rei Zero (fantastic story, great fighting scenes)
3) Kannagi (another no brainer)
4) Soul Eater (great plot, shinigami fighting)
5) Toradora (rom-com)
6) Antique Bakery (for the BL lover)
7) Over Drive (cycling, sports)
8) Macross Frontier (great music)
9) Gurren Lagaan (mecha, fantastic show)

if you have time for long series

1) ARIA series (Aria the Animation, Aria the Natural, Aria the OVA, Aria the Origination)
2) Kyou Kara Maou (S1&2: 78 episodes, S3: finishing soon at 39 episodes)
3) Code Geass (for the drama-mama's)
4) Honey & Clover (did u watch this? or was this moo moo?)

hope something will interest you from so many series.

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