Thursday, 31 January 2008

a month after...

Winter 2007

after a very disappointing Fall 2007, i'm very glad the winter series had much more better series.

ARIA the Origination

ARIA is back!! as with Taiho in the previous season, i am ecstatic with joy. really really happy for the new season of ARIA though there are also rumors that they might end with this season since the manga serialization is ending soon.

but in any case, i'm still happy there's more akari-chan and friends to look forward to every week. this anime is also the reason why i'm dying to go venice.

lucky meow meow, she gets to go there for work. >_<.``

Persona -trinity soul-

would it be biased to say i'm watching this cos koyasu-sama is voicing one of the main leads?

oh well...
*deep breaths*



not that i dun appreciate him currently in Bleach, but hello, he's like the ant-like hollow thing in Bleach. he is so much cooler in Persona as the police chief who also has his own persona.

this series reminds me of RahXephon, in terms of how the mechanics is connected to the user. unlike Rah, at least separation of the persona from the user doesn't kill him/her, even if they do end up in a comatose-like state.

Hatenkou Yuugi & Spice and Wolf

i'm pairing them up cos i haven't really much to say about them except that their storylines are interesting enough for me to stay on them.

Hatenkou has the guys and magic, while Spice has the wolf-god. remembered me saying i like shows with magic and mythology? well, these 2 has exactly that.

so there you have the 4 new anime series that i've picked up in winter. and i picked up another two along the way.
Dragonaut, which is still showing, and Gurren Lagann which i am watching to see what the big deal is with this series and why everyone loves it.

Dragonaut is another mechanic series. but unlike persona, it's the whole plot that reminds me alot of Rah. i think it's the whole fighting against alien-beings thingn that is similar in Dragonauts and Rah.

Gurren Lagann on the other hand, juz made me think of SD Gundam. at least, that's what the impression the 1st episode gave me. i haven't gotten past the 3rd episode, so i'm still reserving comments. thank goodness the series is finished anyway, so i could watch alot all at one go. *thinks CNY period*

and finally, in between everything else, between every other months, there is the occasional OVA that is definitely worth waiting for.

so for those that are so lost and out of touch, please go and watch:
1) the 2 episodes of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations (ep3 will air on 17/3), the artwork is bee-you-ti-ful;
2) the 3 episodes of Kyou Kara Maoh R (ep4 airing on 29/2), with the usual bishonen galore.

if you see me on the bus or train reading a chinese novel, please do not be afraid.
that just meant i'm over-obsessing over Saiunkoku Monogatari. season 2 is coming to an end in in mar, i am so not prepared for it. ~_~.``

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