Thursday, 24 January 2008

another actor...

Heath Ledger is dead.

which i'm sure lots of people in sg will go, "Heath who?"
cos that was basically the type of reaction i got when i told people on msn 2 days ago.

and this is how people will remember him:
Me: OMG! Heath Ledger is dead!
Somebody: Heath who?
Me: did u watch brokeback mountain... gay cowboy... the blond one...
Somebody: ohhhh... brokeback... yeah i know him...

it's quite a sad thing that people only remembers him cos of brokeback. but then again, every other movie he starred in wasn't quite that big a success either. a knight's tale, cassanova, teen flick 10 things i hate about you.

it was either brokeback, or the patriot. but who will remember him in the patriot when everyone juz associates that with mel gibson.

basically the only person i got a significant amount of response from was my sis. and i didn't even need to mention brokeback.

but then again, my sis reads yahoonews.

and she's concerned with how britney spears is going with her life.

oh well...

she also reminded me that he is the new Joker in the upcoming Batman movie. how freaky is that gonna be.

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