Tuesday, 3 January 2006

If there is ever gonna be season 3..

MoO MoO's Story Line

There will be another attempt to conquer the universe by some mad ass fellas, probably the coordinators, for having had a few of their housing planets destroyed.

Rey did not die. He came back IN A MASK and ally alongside Shinn/Athrun/Dearkka/Lunamaria, who are now in Orb's army. Kira and Lacus are happily married and (perhaps) enjoying their honeymoon somewhere when the attack on earth occurs.

Alas The Orb Forces did not realise the fella in the mask is Rey and attempts to bring him down along with his hijacked Zaft mobile suit.

The mad ass coordinators creates 3 totally similar clones and 3 Destroy-level kinda mobile suits to launch a warfare on Earth.

Yzak remains in his Zaft team but is clearly opposing the actions of the mad ass coordinators. (Note: The mad ass coordinators and Zaft are different) Zaft states its intention of working alongside Orb but the Naturals are unconvinced and Cagalli is under pressure by the Naturals.

Out of nowhere, Zaft engages a new pilot who is Kira-type aka cool, yandao, powerful and wat not. He single-handedly brought down the 3 MAC (mad ass coordinators i'm lazy..) mobile suits and prevents Orb from a certain destruction ray. Due to his injuries (who can face 3 Destroy kinda MS, block a destruction ray unscathed?), Cagalli grants special permission for him to secretly land in Orb for first aid and refuel b4 returning to Zaft.

The new pilot charms the butts off Cagalli while Athrun is on Archangel with the younger Hawke sister. Will Athrun win back Cagalli?? Mwehehehe..

The MAC plots another attack with the 3 clones who are apparently reclonable and reconstructs their high destruction ray again. Will the new pilot and Shinn in his new MS (the leads always have 2 new MS-es in each series) be able to stop the ray in time? Will Kira and Athrun in their Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice (ultimate liao leh.. They already have 7 MS-es to their names. Strike-Freedom-STrike Freedom, Aegis-Justice-Savior-Infinite Justice) be able to eliminate MAC gang + their research facility totally? Which side will Rey be? Who will Cagalli choose??


Plot above constructed by the imagination of MoO MoO. Any coincidence is accidental!

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