Thursday, 19 January 2006

Bleach filler arcs

guess it's that time of the year when all the mangakas are rushing madly in making their deadlines for the jump magazines cos the anime people are way too fast in producing the episodes and catching up to the manga chapters...

Bleach has gone into filler arcs, much as Naruto has been (according to meow meow) since late last year... good thing One Piece is over with that, though no new episodes for the last 1 month has been taking a toll on me...

but finally!!
this sunday!!
the long awaited ep254 will be aired!! WOHOO!!!

how did i go from Bleach to OP again...


anyway, back to Bleach...

i've finished up to last week's special 1-hr ep63... quite funny, with the reappearance of Kon after so, so long...

i'm still in the process of d/ling this week's ep(64)...

looking at some other blog that put up some screen caps, seems like it's gonna be renji fanservice...

*grins happily*

Manga News: One Piece #40 is out!! OMG! that's so fast, considering i bought #39 in dec!

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