Friday, 16 December 2005

One Piece #253

Anime News: Bleach #61 is out!!

juz to get it out of my system...

after more than 7-8 episodes of not seeing him in action...


it feels so good to see him kicking the government agent's face in #253...

and, he's getting his bounty soon...

*sing-song voice*


wat's Zoro's 100 bounty hunters at whiskey peak compared to Sanji's 75 government agents and 2 CP leaders... wahahaha... Sanji ROCKS!!

stumbled across this livejournal entry in the OP livejournal community when i was searching how many gov agents butts Sanji kicked, and i loved it!! (of course!!)

basically a rant in defense of Sanji...

my fav part in the whole rant highlighted in blue; read below section:

I suppose I can grant that Sanji is not portrayed in canon as being as hardcore as Zoro, after all, he never sliced his side open to give someone a level playing field, but there is hardly any evidence that Sanji is as much of a wimp as he is typically portrayed as.

Fangirls, I call for a moratorium on knocking Sanji out cold in your fic, unless he's been run over by a fricking mountain, or fried with umpteen zillion volts of electricity.

Yes, fangirls, even if Zoro punches him. I don't think Zoro would have such an easy time defeating Sanji as is usually assumed. There's a distinctly non-negligible chance that Sanji would win, and at any rate it would be a close fight.

And while it's true that Sanji doesn't have a bounty as of yet, the bounty thing involves a greater factor for opportunity than people seem to want to recognize. I'm confidant that by the time the Enias Lobby bit plays out, Sanji will have a bounty on his head.

Even a cursory examination of Sanji in action during One Piece will tell you he is not to be trifled with. In summary for this section, Sanji kicks ass, and Zoro is not God."


*laughter slowly fading away in the background*


ok, i'm ranting...

ignore me...

i'm supposed to be sleeping anyway... =P

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