Friday, 23 December 2005

2 tiny animals takes on the Monsterous ......

2 animals popped down at suntec(wed 21-12-05) in search for Choro-Q but the shop was closed when we reached. (- -")

Definition Choro-Q (co~ro~Q)
1) a brand name for mini model cars (origin from japan)
2) Moo Moo's latest craze...hahaha.. (me crazy abt their "ka po qia"- beetle car)

*so cute*

Continues with story...

then 2 animals decided to grab their dinner. Bird (me) suggested to take on the monsterous Carl's Jr at Marina Square. From Suntec, they took off their journey to Carl's Jr.

After abit of wrong turns here and there...they have finally reached Carl's Jr. Both animals stared at the sumptuous Portobello Mushroom burger and the Double bacon cheeseburger. Boosting our courage, the 2 placed their orders.

~1 Portobello Mushroom combo meal (crisscut fries, without onions and tomato) and 1 double bacon cheeseburger combo (onion rings) ~

Pop! The waitress placed 2 big cups at the counter. The large drink was really LARGE. The 2 animals takes the counter number and finds a seat at the end.

*fast forward*

The waiter served us with 2 monsterous burgers along the with the exceptionally big onion rings and crisscut fries.

Definition for Portobello Mushroom burger (by bird)
1) Big chunky slices of mushroom from the finest Portobella mushrooms sauteed in garlic and parsley. Stacked together with green crunchy leafy cabbages and a BIG slice of juicy beefy steak in the middle.

Definition for Double bacon cheeseburger (by bird)
1) 2 slices of tender succulent beefy steaks stacked in between of the crispy grilled bacons. Accompanied with an extra large onion ring and finished off with the melted cheese overflowing the burger.

Interested to try? (^_^)

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