Sunday, 5 February 2012

Usagi Drop Special 4

usagi drop sp4-03

Daikichi suggests a detour after a matsuri to the river.
usagi drop sp4-01

the kids were wondering what they were supposed to be looking for.
usagi drop sp4-02

it must be pretty cool for kids.
usagi drop sp4-04

again, they look just like a proper family.
usagi drop sp4-05

Rin-chan must be feeling clingy after seeing Daikichi having fun with Kouki.
usagi drop sp4-06

somehow, i love this particular scene.
usagi drop sp4-07

and Rin-chan is happy too.
usagi drop sp4-08

we're at the end of the specials! gosh, this is really the end of Usagi Drop.

great great anime. you wouldn't get bored rewatching it again and again. ^_^.``

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