Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Kimi to Boku Episode 12

the appearance of Shun's younger brother, Fuyuki.
kimi to boku ep12-01

ok, technically, that's just the flashback.

actual age, second year middle schooler.
kimi to boku ep12-02
Fuyuki is also voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko. me likie!

kimi to boku ep12-03

3 idiots.
kimi to boku ep12-04

Chizuru doing a Brooke impersonation. HA!
kimi to boku ep12-05

Yuki tries to stuff his soul back into his body. heehee.
kimi to boku ep12-06

but really, kids do the darn-est thing.
kimi to boku ep12-07

like trying to carry your older brother.
kimi to boku ep12-08

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