Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sket Dance Episode 31

hilarious episode! i cannot stop laughing.

best part?

Shinzou cosplaying, unintentionally, as Eiji from Bakuman.
sket dance ep31-01

here's Eiji from Bakuman.2 Ep1.
bakuman2 ep1

i know it's anime and all, so it's easy to draw them alike, but you really gotta watch it yourself to appreciate it. i literally burst out laughing at this point. not that i wasn't already laughing when Shinzou came out as Vegeta from Dragonball.

other things you appreciate when you watch alot of WSJ series concurrently.

mini-overlaps like this.

last Saturday's Bakuman.2 Ep5.
bakuman2 ep5

today's Sket Dance episode.
sket dance ep31-02

you might just miss it if you usually do a marathon run of either show.

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