Sunday, 31 July 2011

DPCF Sanji The Three Musketeers Version

a month after getting this baby, i finally had the time to do a proper photoshoot.

OP Sanji DPCF 09

i'm not as rich as ah gu and i lack the cupboard space, so obviously, i only bought Sanji. if you want to see the full set of Luffy, Zoro and Sanji, i'll have to direct you to ah gu. BUT, she'll probably take even longer with her photoshoot. *big nudge to ah gu*

Plex really did a great job with all the Door Painting Collection Figures. they look even better than the Megahouse P.O.P., if i do say so myself.

anyway, onward with the ogling. you're here to see me rant about Sanji afterall. HA!

the box is wayyyy to big.
OP Sanji DPCF 01
had to rearrange my cupboard shelves to fit the box in.

OP Sanji DPCF 02

the back of the box.
it shows you the cover page of chapter 415 in which it is depicted from.

they even tell you it's a 1/7 scale, unlike the P.O.P.s.
OP Sanji DPCF 0

even the inside of the box is nicely done up.

OP Sanji DPCF 06

the stand.
OP Sanji DPCF 07

full frontal.
OP Sanji DPCF 0

OP Sanji DPCF 11

OP Sanji DPCF 12

close up of his face. you can see a hint of his left eye.
OP Sanji DPCF 14

OP Sanji DPCF 10

OP Sanji DPCF 2

OP Sanji DPCF 22

OP Sanji DPCF 23

OP Sanji DPCF 24

OP Sanji DPCF 25

let's see of the details of this baby.

the boots.
OP Sanji DPCF 2

even the spurs are detailed.
OP Sanji DPCF 27

the pistol holsters. plus the back of his belt.
OP Sanji DPCF 28

yup, the pistols fit right in.
OP Sanji DPCF 29

the front of his belt.
OP Sanji DPCF 30
very very detailed. you can practically count every stud and bead.

OP Sanji DPCF 31

OP Sanji DPCF 32
he's the only one among the 3 that is more "covered" in the chest area. damnmit.

but doesn't he look just gorgeous~
OP Sanji DPCF 33

went on a photoshoot frenzy after taking all the basic shots.

so if you want to see more, continue on. if not, just stop here.



OP Sanji DPCF 36

OP Sanji DPCF 16

OP Sanji DPCF 17

OP Sanji DPCF 18

OP Sanji DPCF 19

OP Sanji DPCF 20

after this, the next Sanji figurine to look forward to would be the Figuarts ZERO time-skip version.

can't wait!


陳慧真 said...

its up.. on top of my cupboard.. wahhahha.. i think i might take 3 mths before i start on these, jus like the "yuan fens" who had been enduring the heat from my lappy since 2 mths ago..

jaayx said...

Hi! I just like to ask where did u get this figuring? I saw it when I was at visiting Sunny Go in Japan but they didn't have anything else except Sanji and he was sold out )=

If you don't mind me asking, may I know the price as well? Thanks very much!

Roar Roar said...

@jaayx: got this from latendo shop in singapore. i don't think they have extras unless they did a restock. think i got it for about $140. don't really remember the price. i think places like amiami and hobbysearch japan might still have stock online. have to check it out though.