Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hetalia One Coin Vol 1 & 2


my first AmiAmi purchase, i managed to save about $70 bucks as compared to buying from my usual local shop. this 2 sets are pure cuteness.

both sets.
hetalia one coin 10

Volume 1
hetalia one coin 01
1st row (L to R), France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Italy (secret)
2nd row (L to R), China, England, Russia, America

Axis Powers!
hetalia one coin 02

Italy brothers, Romano and Veneziano.
hetalia one coin 03
the curl in their hair is so cute.

England and his adopted younger brother, America.
hetalia one coin 04
they could've given England thicker eyebrows. not thick enough.
America looks exactly like the picture from the song book. (see below)

hetalia character songbook 11

Volume 2
hetalia one coin 05
1st row (L to R), Sweden, Canada & Kuma-jiro, Austria, Spain, Greece
2nd row (L to R), Prussia, Finland, Chibitalia & Holy Roman Empire (secret), Hungary

from the Chibitalia story.
hetalia one coin 06

both of them are so kawaii!
hetalia one coin 07

Romano with Spain.
hetalia one coin 09
they're both holding tomatoes in their hands. would've been much cuter if Romano was the younger version.

another set of brothers, Canada and America.
hetalia one coin 08
Canada is so cute!! and so is Kuma-jiro.


Unknown said...

where did you buy these? and for how much? i want them so bad!

Roar Roar said...

like i said, bought both sets from amiami online. but that was close to one year ago. they're all sold out now.