Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hetalia World Series Ep 43

Episode 43: Marriage Alliance


Ren n Tako! said...

yo. couldn't find a proper place to leave you a msg.. but anyways.. JUS in case latendo cant get you your k-on petit, and you're really really keen, the only site tt i've found for you to order is here.. but keep your fingers crossed!! cos its from...


lolx. so it's really a site for the desperadoes. xD hot stuffs do get sold quite fast like king kazuma.. so its advisable to order asap. and its free delivery too, tho its kinda slow. avg 3-4 weeks. we've gotten quite a few items from them so its safe for me at least. hope you find your k-on members soon!


Ren n Tako! said...

alamak. im sorry, jus found another site selling cheaper.. playasia. also quite a trusted site. free shipping to SG too!


buy 12 pieces to get the whole box. this site is definitely better den yesasia. if they placed it as available, its usually is.