Wednesday, 20 January 2010

exciting upcoming episodes

in One Piece,
- Luffy is facing Magellan in the next episode (#435).
- THE Okama Queen will be revealed soon.
- Ace's pending execution! also soon.
- Whitebeard VS World Government!

in Reborn,
- Choice game starts!
- Vongola family in suits. most of the time.
- more Hibari.
- more Hayato.
- more Mukuro.

in Cross Game,
- Seishuu starts its summer baseball tournament.
- Kou and Akane are advancing.
- Aoba and Azuma are advancing. (?)

in Bleach, not that it is particularly exciting but,
- the current filler arc is finally ending. YAY!
- we have another couple of smaller filler arcs before going back to the main Hueco Mundo arc. YAY!!

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